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AEG Live Lawsuit

  • Katherine Jackson Called As Final Witness

    It was announced Wednesday AEG Live will recall Katherine Jackson as their final witness next Monday September 16th in their defense of her lawsuit against them

  • No Trial Testimony

    There will be NO testimony this week in the Jackson v AEG Live case so a juror can visit an ill family member so lawyers will take care of some important work!

  • Doctor William V. Van Valin Testifies

    Dr William Van Valin’s Video deposition was played for the jury today; he treated Michael in the early 2000’s, when he lived at Neverland, needing a house call.

  • Michael Played Russian Roulette

    Addiction Expert Doctor Paul Earley testified on Tuesday that Michael put his life at risk each time he used Propofol, as a sleep aid together with painkillers.

  • AEG Live Trial September 4th

    AEG addiction expert says, Michael ‘s drug addiction gave him “a grave prognosis” for a long life and each dose of propofol was like playing “Russian roulette!”

  • AEG Trial News Day 76

    A Los Angeles jury heard testimony on Wednesday Aug. 28th, from a Las Vegas plastic surgeon who described Michael as being familiar with the anesthetic propofol

  • AEG Live Trial Day 75

    On Day 75 of the Jackson V AEG trial. Addiction expert, Dr. Petros Levouni, of the Psychiatry Department at Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey, is testifying.

  • Man Who Vouched For Murray Testifies

    Yesterday was a day of video testimony. Jurors saw three video depositions in total and AEG called their next witness, Jeffrey Adams, via video.

  • HR Expert Testifies

    Yesterday in court, AEG Live was seeking a dismissal of the case, claiming the plaintiffs haven’t shown enough evidence to send the case to the jury.

  • Dr Green Discusses Emails

    Yesterday, AEG expert Dr Gary Green was back on the stand. Mrs Jacksons’ attorney William Bloss, resumed his cross examination. Mrs Jackson did not attend court.

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