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  • One Rose For Michael – 10th Anniversary

    One Rose For Michael – 10th Anniversary

    The 10th year One Rose for Michael J. Jackson, Roses for June 25th 2019 is officially open. You can now send a rose to Michael’s resting place. All details here.

  • Michael’s Streaming Popularity

    Michael’s Streaming Popularity

    Despite the negativity surrounding the last week, Michael’s songs have continued to be streamed in their millions, with the numbers staying as strong as ever.

  • Michael’s Last Official Public Appearance

    Michael’s Last Official Public Appearance

    10 years ago today Michael Jackson held a press conference at the O2 Arena in London to announce This It It. It become his last ever official public appearance.

Recent News

  • Bowlegged Lou Visits ‘Thriller Live’

    Bowlegged Lou Visits ‘Thriller Live’

    Bowlegged Lou from the R&B/Hip-Hop performing group and production team Full Force, visits the hit musical ‘Thriller Live’ and pays homage to Michael Jackson.

  • MJ Legacy Foundation

    MJ Legacy Foundation

    Michael’s publicist of eight years, Raymone Bain, today held a press conference in Washington DC in which she announced the Michael Jackson Legacy Foundation.

  • Michael Projected Onto Castle Rock

    Michael Projected Onto Castle Rock

    On Tuesday evening in Edinburgh, Scotland, what we all know as the picture of Michael with “Innocent” printed over his mouth, was projected onto Castle Rock.

  • ‘Chase The Truth’ Released

    ‘Chase The Truth’ Released

    A new rebuttal documentary called ‘Chase The Truth’ has been released by Entertain ME. It features author Mike Smallcombe, Mark & Lucy Lester and Matt Fiddes. 

  • ‘Lies Of Leaving Neverland’

    ‘Lies Of Leaving Neverland’

    The ‘Lies Of Leaving Neverland’ is another documentary which has been put together that shows the mistakes and lies that were featured in ‘Leaving Neverland’.

  • Statement From Michael’s Estate

    Statement From Michael’s Estate

    Here is an official statement that we have received from Michael Jackson’s Estate regarding the Emmy nominations that the controversial documentary has received. 

  • MJ Music Day In France

    MJ Music Day In France

    There is a new Michael Jackson Music Day, which will be held in Lyon in France in October. Brad Buxer, Steven Whitsitt and Christophe Boulmé will be attending.

  • Update On Michael Exhibition In London

    Update On Michael Exhibition In London

    We have received an update from the organisers of the ‘Michael: HIS_story’ exhibition which will take place in August to celebrate Michael Jackson’s Birthday.

  • French Fans Suing Over Documentary

    French Fans Suing Over Documentary

    According to a report by the web site RTÉ, French Michael Jackson fan groups are suing Wade Robson and James Safechuck for sullying Michael Jackson’s image.

  • Clinark’s Latest Anniversary Tribute

    Clinark’s Latest Anniversary Tribute

    Clinark, a big Michael Jackson fan and who is well known for covering Michael’s music, has released his version of ‘I’ll Be There’ to mark this 10th anniversary.

  • Ten Years

    Ten Years

    MJWN’s President, Jayne Ross, reflects on the ten years since Michael’s passing and how she’s had to personally try and come to terms with the loss of Michael.

  • #HonorMJ


    During June, which is the 10th anniversary of Michael’s death, the Estate of Michael Jackson would like fans to celebrate his life with an # HonorMJ campaign. 

  • Another Documentary

    Another Documentary

    There is a new documentary on Michael that is called ‘Killing Michael Jackson’ which the Discovery Network will be airing and that includes three U.S. detectives.

  • Thomas Mesereau On Documentary

    Thomas Mesereau On Documentary

    Thomas Mesereau was interviewed by toofab and on the ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary he says; “This is just a temporary blip…and then you’ll forget about it.”

  • ‘Leaving Neverland’ Exposed!

    ‘Leaving Neverland’ Exposed!

    MJ Author, Damien Shields, has written a lengthy, but really interesting article, which he has called ‘Leaving Neverland Exposed: The Devil is in the Detail’.

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