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  • Pharrell Williams Wrote Songs For MJ

    Pharrell Williams Wrote Songs For MJ

    Pharrell Williams has claimed that all the songs, apart from one, that were featured on Justin Timberlake’s debut album ‘Justified’ were written for Michael.

  • Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

    MJWN would like to wish ALL Michael’s fans, wherever you are, a very happy holidays and a big thank you! We also hope that you have a great and better New Year.

  • Estate Wins Appeal

    Estate Wins Appeal

    The Michael Jackson Estate has won an appeal against HBO, for the lawsuit that they have brought against the company, for breaking a non-disparagement clause.

  • “Blood On His Hands”

    “Blood On His Hands”

    Brian Oxman, who was once a lawyer for Michael Jackson, has said in a recent interview with the Daily Mirror that Martin Bashir has Michael’s “Blood on his hands.”

  • Toto’s Steve Lukather On Michael

    Toto’s Steve Lukather On Michael

    In an interview with ultimateguitar.com Toto’s guitarist Steve Lukather talks about what it was like in the studio with Michael Jackson working on ‘Thriller’.

  • Bruce Swedien Has Died

    Bruce Swedien Has Died

    Music Producer and Audio Engineer Bruce Swedien has sadly died at the age of eighty-six. He is known for working with Michael Jackson and numerous other artists.

  • Michael’s Again The Highest Paid Dead Celebrity

    Michael’s Again The Highest Paid Dead Celebrity

    Michael has again hit the top spot in Forbes ‘Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities’. In 2020 Michael’s Estate earned $48m, which is $15m more than the number two spot.

  • Judge Dismisses Safechuck’s Lawsuit

    Judge Dismisses Safechuck’s Lawsuit

    An American judge has again dismissed the lawsuit that James Safechuck has brought against two of Michael Jackson’s companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures.

  • Michael Art Items Up For Auction

    Michael Art Items Up For Auction

    Forty-eight bronze sculptures that Michael Jackson once owned, are among some items that will be auctioned by the end of the month at Guernsey’s Auction House.

  • Eddie Van Halen Dies

    Eddie Van Halen Dies

    Guitarist Eddie Van Halen, who was part of the rock band Van Halen and played on Michael’s song ‘Beat It’, has died of cancer in Los Angeles at the age of 45.

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