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Sony Music Acquires 50% of Michael’s Catalog

Sony Music Group has finalized a deal to acquire 50% of Michael Jackson’s publishing and recorded masters, valuing the catalog at approximately $1.2 billion, with Sony paying at least $600 million, according to Variety. This marks the largest deal ever for a single artist’s assets.

The acquisition includes Jackson’s Mijac publishing catalog, featuring works by artists like Sly & the Family Stone, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others, but excludes royalties from the “MJ” Broadway musical and other theatrical productions. Primary Wave Music retains a 10% stake in Jackson’s publishing assets.

Sony has been the exclusive home for Jackson’s recorded music throughout his solo career and later years with the Jackson 5. Jackson’s music catalog, including the best-selling album “Thriller,” is one of the most valuable in history.

In 2016, Sony acquired the Michael’s estate’s 50% stake in Sony/ATV Music Publishing for $750 million, and in 2018, it bought the estate’s 25.1% stake in EMI Music Publishing for $287.5 million, making Sony the sole owner of the world’s largest music publishing company.

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