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Dr Christopher Rogers Recalled

With witnesses being called in a rather haphazard way, Dr Christopher Rogers who was instrumental in Michael’s autopsy, was recalled to the stand.

He was asked about Michael’s weight at the time of his death. He replied that Michael weighed 136 pounds , with a body mass index of 20.1 which was well within normal range. A BMI figure of 18.5 would be underweight.

Dr. Rogers testified that he looked thin in comparison to most people, but did not look emaciated. Dr. Rogers said Michael’s body didn’t have characteristics of someone who starved to death, and his health appeared excellent. Dr. Rogers did say that Michael’s body had some fat, but that most of his weight appeared to be in his muscles.

Dr. Rogers testified that Michael’s organs didn’t show any sign of lasting damage.

Source: Associated Press & MJWN

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