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AEG Live Lawsuit

  • Evidence Relating To Artist Insurance

    After Debbie Rowe had given her testimony today, AEG Live called their next witness, Dr David Hal Slavit, via video deposition.

  • Debbie Continues Testimony

    Today, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife from the 1990s Debbie Rowe was back on the stand. Mrs Jackson’s attorney Deborah Chang continued with her cross examination.

  • Debbie Rowe’s Testimony

    Michael’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe gave evidence yesterday and spoke of the different occasions when Diprivan and Propofol were used whilst Michael was on tour.

  • Plastic Surgeon Talks About Pain Medication

    William Ackerman continued his testimony today. He was asked questions on Michael’s life expectancy, but that question was blocked by the Judge.

  • Michael’s Debts

    In court yesterday, a forensic accountant testified that Michael year after year, spent more than he earned, including $30 million in annual debt payments.

  • Trial To Continue To End Of September

    Superior Court Judge, Yvette Palazuelos, has said that she doesn’t expect the AEG Live trial case to go to the jury until late September, as it’s moved slowly.

  • Randy’s Video Testimony

    The jury were shown video testimony from Michael’s younger brother, Randy, in court yesterday. Randy said Michael kept his family at a distance in later life.

  • Kenny Ortega Returns To Stand

    Kenny Ortega returned to the stand yesterday telling jurors that adults are responsible for their own health and he didn’t think Michael was very responsible.

  • Contract Disputed

    Yesterday, Kathy Jorrie was being cross-examined by Brian Panish. He brought the jurors’ attention to a six page contract LAPD officers found in Murray’s BMW.

  • Attorney Kathy Jorrie Testifies

    Yesterday in court, the attorney who drafted an agreement for Conrad Murray testified that she told a tour promotion executive that he appeared to be successful.

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