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  • Saturday, 19th October 2019

    Michael’s Streaming Up Since Documentary

    Billboard reported today, that the streaming of Michael Jackson’s music has actually risen since the airing of the controversial documentary, ‘Leaving Neverland’.

  • Thursday, 10th October 2019

    MJ The Musical Dates

    Tickets for the Broadway musical ‘MJ’ will go on sale on January 15th. Previews start on July 6th with opening night at the Neil Simon Theatre on August 13th.

  • Tuesday, 8th October 2019

    ‘This Is It’ 10th Anniversary Box Set

    To mark the 10th Anniversary of ‘This Is It’, an official box set that includes vinyl, a 3D disc and coffee table book is being released via michaeljackson.com

  • Thursday, 26th September 2019

    ‘Motown Unreleased: 1969’

    Yesterday, September 25th, Motown released a new album called ‘Motown Unreleased: 1969’ which contains a Jackson 5 track and is to mark their 60th Anniversary.

  • Tuesday, 12th March 2019

    Michael’s Streaming Popularity

    Despite the negativity surrounding the last week, Michael’s songs have continued to be streamed in their millions, with the numbers staying as strong as ever.

  • Tuesday, 5th March 2019

    Michael’s Last Official Public Appearance

    10 years ago today Michael Jackson held a press conference at the O2 Arena in London to announce This It It. It become his last ever official public appearance.

  • Sunday, 3rd March 2019

    Message From Michael’s Estate

    Michael Jackson’s Estate have released a new statement, tearing apart the forthcoming show Leaving Neverland by providing some background around the accusers.

  • Friday, 22nd February 2019

    MJ Estate File Lawsuit Against HBO

    When airing “Live From Bucharest” in 1992 HBO agreed to non-disparagement provisions which still remain in effect. Michael’s Estate are now taking legal action.

  • Saturday, 9th February 2019

    George Harrison And Michael

    A recording of Michael Jackson, with George Harrison of the Beatles, has been found when they both were reviewing the latest releases on Radio 1, forty years ago!

  • Wednesday, 30th January 2019

    Talun Zeitoun Defends Michael

    Fans may recognize Talun Zeitoun as the boy posing with Michael at the centerfold of the HIStory World Tour programme. Now he’s spoken out to defend his friend.

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