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Michael’s Estate Updates FAQ

Michael’s Estate has updated their frequently asked questions page on the official michaeljackson.com website. The page address fifteen regular questions they receive from fans all around the world. Below are the questions you can find answers to on the FAQ page.

  1. Why doesn’t the Estate release more projects?
  2. Why doesn’t the Estate release all the songs that the fans have leaked?
  3. Why isn’t there a permanent Michael Jackson Channel on Sirius XM?
  4. Why isn’t there a HIStory 25 release? Or a HIStory concert film?
  5. Why doesn’t the Michael Jackson Estate do all of the things that other estates do?
  6. Will the Estate upgrade Michael’s short films to 4k?
  7. Why hasn’t the Estate made a documentary proclaiming Michael’s innocence?
  8. Why isn’t Neverland open to the public?
  9. Why is the Estate selling Neverland and not keeping it for Michael’s children?
  10. Is there going to be a permanent Michael Jackson museum?
  11. Why don’t you release everything in the vault?
  12. What inspired Scream and Michael Jackson’s Halloween?
  13. Do you ever read fan critiques of the Estate’s projects? How do you feel about the fans’ commenting on the Estate projects?
  14. Why doesn’t the Estate do more to stop the TV programs and films being made about Michael?
  15. Will there ever be a soundtrack released to Michael Jackson ONE?

Source: michaeljackson.com & MJWN

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