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‘Another One Bites The Dust’

Queen’s ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this week. In an interview with Queen’s bassist, John Deacon, which has resurfaced this week, he claims Michael influenced its release.

“Michael Jackson actually suggested we release it as a single. He was a fan of ours and used to come to our shows,” Deacon said.

Freddie Mercury is also reported as saying about the song;

“Credit for the song should go to Michael Jackson in many ways. He was a fan and friend of ours and kept telling me, ‘Freddie, you need a song the cats can dance to.’ John introduced this riff to us during rehearsal that we all immediately thought of disco, which was very popular at the time. We worked it out and once it was ready, played it for Michael. I knew we had a hit as he bobbed his head up and down.”

“That’s it, that’s the gravy,” Michael said. “Release it and it will top the charts.”
Mercury added: “So we did and it did.”

The song charted at Number 1 and was also Queen’s best selling single with over 7 million units sold.

Source: Express & MJWN

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