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New Michael Jackson Figurines

Michael’s Estate and Pure Arts, a company which is based in China, have been working together on some new Michael Jackson figurines. Here is the official release from MJ Online.

“The Estate has been working with a company based in China, Pure Arts, which manufactures and distributes collectible figures for a variety of different brands and will now be creating a wide range of collectible Michael Jackson figurines to appeal to all levels of collectors. The Estate wanted to make sure MJ Fans knew before anyone else about the new products that will be coming.

The Estate also wanted to make sure that fans know that the roll out of the products will start with one large high-end limited edition piece being previewed at ‘Wonderfest’ in Shanghai which starts October 3rd. While this piece is quite expensive, fans can be assured that subsequent releases will include options with much more affordable prices as well.”

Some photos have already become available online showing a Smooth Criminal figurine, with an optional jukebox. The figurine has already been seen on display Shanghai.

Source: MJ Online & MJWN

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