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‘Let It B’

On the Den Of Geek website there is a story titled ‘Did The Beatles Really Sue Sesame Street?’ In the story, they explain how Chris Cerf, who was the music producer for Sesame Street, wrote a parody of ‘Let It Be’ for the show called ‘Letter B’. He also wrote a ‘Hey Food’ parody for ‘Hey Jude’. He was then sued for doing these parodies by Northern Songs, not the Beatles directly.

Cerf explains;

“But luckily for us, Michael Jackson bought the entire catalog and he thought the lawsuit was ridiculous. He settled the entire suit for $50.”

Cerf continues to explain. “The humor for me was that I had to write out a check to Michael Jackson for $50 and I figured I would come out ahead because he would endorse the check and then I could sell the autograph for more than $50, but unfortunately he used a rubber stamp, so that didn’t work out.”

Read the complete article here.

Source: Den Of Geek & MJWN

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