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Ghosts Coming To YouTube

If any season belongs to Michael Jackson, it’s Halloween. From ‘Thriller’ to ‘Is It Scary’ to ‘Threatened,’ Michael loved this season and created multiple songs around the spooky time. Even since his passing, we’ve had the ‘Scream’ album released alongside the ‘Michael Jackson’s Halloween’ cartoon special which aired in 2017 and 2018 on CBS.

One of Michael’s greatest masterpieces came in 1996, when he previewed his 39 minute short film ‘Ghosts.’ It was co-written with horror legend Stephen King, and directed by special effects guru Stan Winston. Michael performs songs from the ‘HIStory’ and ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’ albums as he dances and electrifies the audience, portraying multiple characters including the main lead (the Maestro) and the towns Mayor. The film was released the following year as part of an exclusive Box Set, which included the VHS, booklet, and CD single ‘On The Line.’

As it’s Halloween seasons, Michael’s Estate will be releasing the full-length version of the film on YouTube for the first time, this Thursday, October 29th and it will remain up until Sunday, November 1st. It’s not yet been disclosed whether it will be in standard or high definition. The Estate said back in 2017 that it was looking to remaster Ghosts into 4K, as they did with ‘Thriller,’ but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: MJ Online & MJWN

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