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Michael’s Again The Highest Paid Dead Celebrity

Even though the last 18 months has been rougher than those that came before for Michael’s name, it’s clear that regardless how the media want to portray him, and however much HBO and all involved try to soil his legacy, he remains the King of Pop and is beloved by millions all over the world.

Year after year since his passing 11 years ago Michael has hit the top spot in Forbes ‘Highest Paid Dead Celebrities’ more times than not, and 2020 is no different. Over the last year Michael’s Estate earned $48m!

Trailing him at number two and three is Dr. Seuss ($33m) and Charles Schulz ($32.5m). Other notable names in the top 10 are Elvis Presley ($23m), Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash earlier this year ($20m), and Prince ($10m).

Source: Forbes & MJWN

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