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Beat It

  • New French Remix Of ‘Beat It’

    MA7CAMP a Pop/Electronic Music Producer from Paris, France has gone creative with MJ’s iconic song ‘Beat It’ & has produced a new remix of this fantastic song!!

  • Spanish Dance Off!

    Whilst on a mission in Barcelona, Spain, Mormon missionary Elder Gus Garcia, challenged a Michael Jackson impersonator, on the street, to a dance-off! Enjoy!!!!

  • Popping To ‘Beat It!’

    Dubstep is a dance genre, which originally emerged in the dance world in South London. John & Ricardo Walker have produced this popping dance to MJ’s ‘Beat It.’

  • Michael Sells Millions In UK

    Five years after Michael’s passing, UK fans continue to buy his music. The Official Charts Company notes that he’s sold nearly four million singles since 2009!!

  • Michael’s Image In Cornflakes

    Sometimes it pays to play with your food: A New York-based artist has constructed meticulous portraits of famous musicians using cornflakes, including Michael!!

  • Roller Blading ‘Beat It’

    Roller skating is a big sport in China, here a young girl Feng Hui, skates so skilfully & with apparent ease to Michael’s hits ‘Beat It’ and ‘Smooth Criminal.’

  • The Incredible Way Michael Wrote Music

    See Michael’s amazing process of writing songs by building tracks with his voice every note, every chord, harmony, melody, bass & even the rhythm by beat-boxing.

  • Michael Jackson Laser Show

    The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh are showing a family-friendly ‘Michael Jackson Laser Show’ filled with vibrant laser colours & Michael’s greatest hits.

  • ‘Beat It’ Demo Shows Michael’s Beatboxing Skills

    The demo of ‘Beat It’ has recently been picked up by the media, which demonstrates Michael’s beatboxing skills. We take a look at when he’s used this talent.

  • ‘Jeans ‘n Classics’ Honour MJ’s Music

    Jeans ‘n Classics revisits Michael’s career & the huge hits that made him a superstar including ‘Billie Jean,’ in a May concert at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

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