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Fall Out Boy’s Cover Of ‘Beat It’

During a sound check recently, Fall Out Boy started to play their version of Michael’s fabulous ‘Beat It’. The result was so good that they decided to use it for their latest DVD. What happened next was such a surprise to them. The song began to be played on radio, and it reached Number 10 on iTunes music chart.

Now the band are secretly recording a mega-video with a cameo by Arrested Development star Tony Hale, and also a guitar solo from the amazing John Mayer. They admit that they like to do things big!

However, they are massive Michael fans and they would love it if he liked their work, but don’t think that he is ever likely to hear it, let alone comment. Front-man Patrick Stump, interviewed on the set of the video shoot, said; “I don’t even know if he’s even heard our cover of his song, or even heard of my band or anything, so he is absolutely not involved in this in any way, shape or form. I absolutely love Michael Jackson’s music, but the likelihood of that happening … well, let’s just say that will not happen. At best, maybe he’ll be sitting around, flipping through channels, and he might see the video and go, “Oh, this is OK”. That’s the most I can hope to get out of the Gloved One. I’m not expecting a big…Let’s go on tour together’ thing.”

Source: MTV News & MJWN

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