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  • Boston Producer Sues!

    A Boston-based producer who hit his stride in the ‘80s with the electro-funk band the Jonzun Crew is suing Michael Jackson, Paul Anka & AEG LIve for $10 million.

  • MJ Company Defends Another Lawsuit

    The Michael Jackson Company sides with AEG against Lloyds Of London, in a dispute over Michael’s health & also his fitness to perform his ‘This Is It’ concerts.

  • Randy Phillips Out Of AEG Live!

    Randy Phillips who was a witness in Katherine’s lawsuit against the company is no longer CEO at AEG Live. It’s not clear if he resigned, or if he was dismissed.

  • Murray Appeals

    Associated Press reports that Murray has appealed against his involuntary manslaughter conviction, claiming that there were multiple legal errors, at his trial.

  • No More Excuses!

    Judge Yvette Palazuelos will only accept health reasons for refusing to act as a juror, after she received many notes from potential jurors asking to be excused.

  • Jury Selection Continues

    With jury selection lasting for another couple of days, the pool stands today at 81; in-person questioning of potential jurors is scheduled to begin next Monday

  • Geragos Speaks Of Shakedown

    In the light, that the molestation charges against Michael Jackson will be aired, in the current AEG trial, Mark Geragos speaks out, calling them a “shakedown.”

  • Sharon Osbourne To Testify

    Sharon Osbourne says she has information which will help the Jackson family’s case and she will name the people who didn’t care that Michael Jackson was unwell!

  • Cameras Banned In Court

    The wrongful death trial of concert promoter AEG Live filed by Michael Jackson’s mother and three children will not be televised, a judge decided Friday, in LA.

  • Jury Selection Begins

    Jury selection has begun in the lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson against AEG Live accusing the concert giant of failing to properly investigate Conrad Murray.

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