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‘Thriller’ Sets New World Record

Wednesday, 16th December 2015
Michael's 1982 'Thriller' album is now the only album in music history to be certified 30X Multi-Platinum in the United States, breaking its own historic record.
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‘Thriller’ Is Longest #1 Album On Billboard

Tuesday, 17th November 2015
With an amazing 37 weeks at #1, Michael's hit album 'Thriller' continues to hold the record for the most weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart (1963-2015).
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Michael Jackson Tops Forbes List Of Highest Earning Dead Celebrities

Monday, 2nd November 2015
MJ's Bank Account lives on, as once again he has topped this year's list of highest earning dead celebrities, for the 5th time with $100 million in earnings!!!!
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Skype Creates Thriller Zombie Emoticon

Monday, 19th October 2015
Microsoft's Skype has released a new zombie emoticon, which dances to some of the moves that Michael Jackson made famous in his 1983 'Thriller' short film.
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Popin’ Pete’s Pop Shop In The UK

Wednesday, 12th August 2015
Popin' Pete one of the stars of MJ's 'Thriller' short film and one of the most respected pioneers of the popping dance style is bringing his Pop Shop to the UK.
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Evolution Of Michael Jackson With Pentatonix

Tuesday, 30th June 2015
Pentatonix an American 'a cappella' group take us on a melodic journey across the evolution of Michael's music with iconic MJ songs sung in 'a cappella' style!!
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MJ’s Thriller With Ashley Banjo On ‘Perspectives’

Friday, 17th April 2015
The Perspectives documentary strand returns with a new 6 part series, starting with dancer Ashley Banjo to find out about his music and hero Michael Jackson.
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Legendary Drummer Ndugu Chancler Talks About Michael’s ‘Thriller’

Friday, 6th February 2015
Legendary drummer Ndugu Chancler talks about recording the best-selling album ever, Michael's 'Thriller' on The Trap Set a podcast about the lives of drummers.
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Sky Arts 1 HD To Air ‘Immortal’ On Christmas Day

Sunday, 21st December 2014
Sky Arts 1 HD, UK have a special treat for Michael Jackson fans on Christmas Day as they bring together the KOP & Cirque du Soleil in the 'Immortal' World Tour.
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Guinness World Records Celebrate ‘Thriller’

Tuesday, 9th December 2014
To commemorate 60 years of the Guinness World Records, a video has been produced about Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' being the worlds biggest selling album ever.
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Spooky ‘Thriller’ Piano Medley

Wednesday, 26th November 2014
Peter Bence the 'Guinness World Records 2012' holder of the fastest World Pianist, has composed a spooky Halloween Piano Medley, featuring Michael's 'Thriller.'
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Michael’s Halloween Jolly Pop!

Sunday, 23rd November 2014
Here's a video of a Jolly Pop for Halloween! Think Michael and 'Thriller' with amazing digital effects, as this Jolly Pop takes a journey through City streets!!
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25 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Michael Jackson

Sunday, 9th November 2014
It’s a very rare thing to have one achievement that no one else will ever match. MJ has a few, with 'Thriller' being the highest-selling album in U.S. history.
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‘Thriller’ Back On Billboard Hot 100

Sunday, 9th November 2014
After Halloween, Michael's classic 'Thriller' scares up to #35 on the Hot 100. The song returns due to Streaming Songs, with a 129 % surge to 4.3m U.S. streams.
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Beyonce’s Halloween Tribute To Michael

Tuesday, 4th November 2014
Beyoncé has previously claimed Michael Jackson made her the artist that she is today & Beyonce again paid tribute to MJ on Friday with help from her only child.
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Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ Is Cute And Impressive

Monday, 6th October 2014
We hope you enjoy this video of a 3 year old busting his Michael moves which are captivating, cute & impressive. Watch his magic performance of 'Billie Jean.'
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