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Michael’s Halloween Jolly Pop!

We have had a video sent in of a Jolly Pop for Halloween, but this isn’t any ordinary Jolly Pop. Think Michael and ‘Thriller’¬†with amazing digital effects as this Jolly Pop takes us on a journey through City streets.

The video starts off with a Jolly (lolly) Pop being unwrapped. The Jolly Pop is of a head of Michael that sings to Michael’s masterpiece ‘Thriller’ complete with changing facial expressions.

It continues with a man holding the Jolly Pop in his hand and taking it through a kitchen, down the stairs, and out of a house onto the busy City streets while still daylight. As he walks with the Jolly Pop to hand you can hear the crunching noises every now and then as he puts the Jolly Pop in his mouth. The Jolly Pop passes under a subway, back up to the City streets, now turned night, into what looks like a Haunted House themed attraction, through a theatre or concert of some sort and backstage.

It then goes back out into the streets still singing ‘Thriller’ as it has slowly transformed from a normal Michael Jackson to a Michael Jackson zombie. It ends with the Michael Jackson Jolly Pop saying “I Love You” after Vincent Price’s dark laughter, at the end of the video.

The video is very cleverly done and is sure to put a whole different perspective on a Jolly Pop.

Source: Delav Digital & MJWN, with special thanks to Gergo Szabo

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