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  • Todays Court Report

    The Jury heard evidence today of more medical equipment ordered by Murray and stockpiled in Michael’s home on the day he died.

  • An Eventful Day in Court!

    Together with some of Murray’s girlfriends, the pharmacist, who supplied Murray with the Propofol, gave evidence in court today.

  • E.R. Doctor’s Evidence

    Two doctors from the UCLA Medical Center stated in evidence today that Michael had been dead a long time when he got there.

  • Wall St. Protestors At Trial

    Protestors against Wall Street have moved to an area in front of the LA courthouse where Conrad Murray’s trial is taking place.

  • Irish Surgeon Speaks Out

    Dr. Philip Treacy admitted that he injected Michael twice with Propofol, but that he used an anaesthesiologist on both occasions.

  • Judge’s Anger

    Judge Michael Pastor is becoming increasingly angry at the social network sites and constant TV footage of Conrad Murray’s trial.

  • Today’s Court Report

    Alberto Alvarez and Kai Chase were called by the prosecution to give evidence about what happened on the day of Michael’s death.

  • Yesterday’s Court Report

    Please click here to read the latest report from the Conrad Murray trial which includes various reports for you to read.

  • Court Report

    Here we have for you a list of links to media reports from the first day of Murray’s trial, with a brief mention of the content.

  • Court Report

    In court today PA Michael Amir Williams gave evidence of Murray’s behaviour and Michael’s condition on the morning of June 25th.

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