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Yesterday’s Court Report

Our news item today reminds us that Michael is not the one on trial here, but Conrad Murray. He must be proven to be negligent in Michael’s care, leading to his untimely death.

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The next piece we have for you describes the scene as Richard Senneff, the first paramedic to arrive finds Michael unmoving and Murray’s demeanor “frantic.” He also thought that Murray’s answers to his questions did not add up, as he said Michael had no underlying health conditions, but here was an IV in Michael’s leg from an IV stand by the bed, and the presence of a doctor did not seem normal for someone with no health problems. Murray also said that Michael had passed out only one minute before he called 911.

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In our next piece we find Murray’s patients thinking of him as a saint and blameless in Michael’s death. One former patient however, appeared in court and gave evidence that his care from the cardiologist was fine until he discovered that Murray was leaving to accompany Michael to Europe.

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The following link deals again with Richard Senneff, the first paramedic, who said that at no time did Murray mention to anyone that he had given Propofol to Michael, just a little Lorazepam. The doctor from the emergency room at UCLA, Doctor Richelle Cooper, also said that Murray had never mentioned Propofol, and said that Murray told her that he had witnessed Michael’s arrest.

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This final link today contains details of a warning from Judge Pastor to Matthew B. Alford, a member of the defense team, who gave a live interview on NBC’s Today show, about testimony from Michael’s security guard and Michael’s use of Propofol.

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For those following the trial closely, here is a floor plan of Michael’s home.

Source: CNN & MJWN

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