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E.R. Doctor’s Evidence

Two doctors from the UCLA Medical Center stated in evidence today that Michael had been dead a long time when he got there.

Michael was seen and treated by Doctor Richelle Cooper and later by Dr Thao Nguyen and he was clinically dead by the time he was brought to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in June 2009, and despite more than an hour of resuscitation efforts by Doctor Cooper and her team, he never showed any signs of life, she testified today.

Testifying in the involuntary-manslaughter trial of Michael’s personal physician, Conrad Murray, Dr. Cooper said she had authorised paramedics to pronounce him dead at 12.57 p.m. when he was still at his rented Holmby Hills home on June 25th, 2009.

“I made a call based on the radio information I had (from paramedics),” she said. “… I felt comfortable pronouncing him (dead).”

Michael, however, was taken to the hospital at the insistence of Dr. Murray, according to earlier testimony from paramedics.  Dr. Cooper said when Michael arrived at the hospital at 1.13 p.m., he had no pulse and she believed that any resuscitation efforts would be futile.

“At the time Mr. Jackson was my patient, he had already been dead for some time,” Cooper testified.

In spite of that, she said hospital personnel tried for an hour and thirteen minutes to revive him, to no avail and a pulse was never detected. Cooper noted that it was the first time a patient she had determined to be dead in the field was actually brought in to the hospital to be treated.

Michael was pronounced dead that day at 2.26 p.m.

Cooper testified last week that Murray never told her he had administered the powerful sedative Propofol to Michael, saying only that he had given him Lorazepam. Doctor Nguyen said the same thing, she knew nothing of Propofol.

Defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan asked Dr. Cooper if it would have changed her treatment of Michael if Murray had told her he had given the singer twenty-five milligrams of Propofol. She said it would not have, nor would it have changed the ultimate outcome of treatment.

“Mr. Jackson died long before he became a patient I was personally responsible for,” she said.

Cooper said she could not assess Dr. Murray’s demeanour at the hospital because she was more focused on Michael. But she said that after he had been pronounced dead, she went to see his three children.

“I did go to check on the children…they were crying,” she said. “They were fairly hysterical, being comforted by someone referred to as their nurse.”

Before leaving the stand, Dr Nguyen also said; “I’ve never heard of Propofol being used outside of a hospital.”

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Source: Fox LA, Ocala.com & MJWN

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