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Court Report

This report sets the scene from outside the courtroom as the family arrived for the trial yesterday, with a brief summary of the Prosecution and Defense opening statements.

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What follows here is a report from Kenny Ortega on Michael’s work on ‘This Is It,’ his hopes for the future, and his plans to take ‘This Is It’ out to the world, before embarking on a film about ‘Thriller’ and another about ‘Smooth Criminal.’

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The next report tells of Kenny Ortega’s concern for Michael when he began to miss rehearsals and appeared frail when he attended one from which Mr Ortega sent him home. He sent an email to AEG chiefs, which was shown in court.

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This is a rundown from CBS news of the evidence as presented to the court, hearing the tape of Michael’s voice, seeing the photograph of Michael’s body, hearing of Murray;s demand for $5million, leaving Michael alone while under Propofol sedation, his refusal to call the emergency services, and his neglecting to tell the authorities that he had give Michael Proipofol.

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This report is from Lou Ferrigno, who was Michael’s physical trainer, who says that Michael appeared to him to be in good health, but sometimes was stressed out.

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