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Jury Hears 911 Call

Jurors in court on Thursday at Conrad Murray’s trial heard the 911 call made by Alberto Alvarez on the day Michael died.

In the call made at 12.20 pm on June 25, 2009, Michael’s director of logistics, Alberto Alvarez, told a dispatcher that Michael was unconscious and not breathing. The dispatcher began to advise him on how to perform CPR but Alvarez said Michael’s personal doctor was already trying it unsuccessfully.

“If your guy is doing CPR and you’re instructed by a doctor, you’re a higher authority than me if he’s there on the scene,” the dispatcher said in the recording.

However, in his testimony Thursday, Alvarez described Murray as performing chest compressions with just his left hand while Michael was on his bed rather than on the floor.

Alvarez was the first member of Michael’s security team to arrive in the bedroom where Murray was trying to revive him. He said Michael was lying still with his eyes and mouth slightly open and his head tilted toward the doorway, where his two oldest children Prince and Paris were watching.

“Paris screamed out ‘Daddy!’” Alvarez said. He said Murray told him not to let the children see their father like this so he ushered them out of the room. He then followed Murray’s instructions and helped him put some vials in a blue bag. Murray also told him to take a saline bag that he observed had a bottle and a small amount of a milky white substance in it off an IV stand and put it in the blue bag too. Asked whether he questioned why Murray was making these requests, Alvarez said; “I believed that Mister Conrad Murray had the best intentions for Michael Jackson,” and he thought that maybe they were bagging them up to bring to the hospital. In court, he identified the IV bag and the bottle of Propofol that he recalled seeing on the IV stand, which prosecutors then allowed the jury to handle.

Alvarez also testified about a moment when Murray asked whether he or Michael’s head of security Faheem Muhammad knew CPR. Alvarez said he knew it because he used to be a swimmer so he assisted Murray by doing two-handed chest compressions while the doctor performed mouth-to-mouth.

According to Alvarez, Murray commented that this was the first time he had done mouth-to-mouth but he had to because Michael was his friend. Paramedics arrived soon after and took over the effort to revive him.

Alvarez said that the last time he saw Murray at the hospital that day after Michael was declared dead, Murray told him; “I wanted him to make it.”

Alvarez testified that he has refused numerous requests for paid media interviews since that time, including some offering him hundreds of thousands of dollars, even though he has been left with financial problems and no steady work.

Source: nancygrace,blogs.cnn.com & MJWN

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