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Todays Court Report

The Jury heard today evidence of more medical equipment, ordered by Conrad Murray, to be sent to his girlfriend’s Santa Monica address.

Following this evidence, the Prosecution called Stephen Marx to the stand. He is a DEA Digital Laboratory Investigator, whose job it is to recover data from computers, and specifically in this case from Murray’s iPhone.

He recovered emails, some of which were read out in court, and referred to the anxiety of some of the ‘This Is It,’ AEG team regarding Michael’s health. One was also sent to Lloyd’s insurers about that subject. Bob Taylor, of Lloyds Insurers, was demanding Murray’s records on Michael’s health, and Michael refused them. Lloyds wanted a very thorough medical report while he was in London, but were unsuccessful.

The court also heard again the full recording of Michael’s voice on Conrad Murray’s phone, when he spoke of his own childhood, and how he would take care of his own children.To read the entire transcript, please click here.

Next to give evidence was Elissa Fleak, a Coroner’s Investigator, who went to Michael’s home on June 29th and searched for evidence. What she actually found was astonishing. Using photographs of the room where Michael died, she identified dozens of medical supplies, including large quantities of Propofol, Lidocaine, Midazolam, pills, lotions and various pieces of equipment. In a cabinet in an adjoining room she found three separate bags, each one containing yet more bottles and vials of Propofol and Lidocaine,bottles of eye drops, pills, equipment for IV’s, a tourniquet, gloves, a blood pressure cuff, and the IV bag with the Propofol bottle still inside it.

It appears that one of the bags was the one Murray had told AlbertoAlvarez to pack before the paramedics arrived. The vast majority of the medicines had been prescribed by Murray, with just a few prescribed by Alan Metzger and Arnold Klein.

The hearing ended early today, as the weather was poor, (it was raining in LA) and it is presumed that Miss Fleak’s testimony will continue tomorrow (October 6th).

On closing, the judge gave a very stern warning about viewing social networking sites or watching the trial on TV or radio, or having contact with media outlets.

Source: Newsday.com & MJWN

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