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An Eventful Day in Court!

A girlfriend of Conrad Murray, Michelle Bella, who worked in a Las Vegas club, gave evidence that at 8.35am on June 25th she sent a text message or a voicemail to Conrad Murray.

Stacey Ruggles who has worked for Conrad Murray since 1997 in Houston said that she spoke to Conrad Murray at 11.07a.m. on June 25th for eight and a half minutes.

One of Conrad Murray’s girlfriends, Sade Anding, a cocktail waitress, gave evidence that she was on the phone on June 25th at 11.51a.m. with Conrad Murray, when she became aware that he was no longer listening to her. She heard coughing and mumbling as though the phone was in his pocket and she hung up. She tried to call him again, but he did not reply.

When she told Murray that the police wanted to speak to her, he told her to contact his lawyer and that she should only speak to the police with his lawyer present.

The next girlfriend to give evidence was Nicole Alvarez, with whom he lives and has a baby son. They met in Las Vegas at her place of work, and after two to three months began a personal relationship.

Conrad Murray has lived with her in Santa Monica for some time, and pays her expenses. She knew he was Michael’s personal physician and met Michael several times.

She answered questions about his routine, and said that Murray went to Michael’s house every evening at about 9.00p.m. and would return the next morning at different times. She agreed that she knew about the London shows, but said she did not know that he was to be paid $150,000 each month, however, changed her testimony when the Prosecution reminded her of what she had stated previously.

She agreed that many packages were delivered to her home for Conrad Murray, but she did not know the contents, nor did she open them. She also confirmed that Murray telephoned her from the ambulance taking Michael to UCLA Health facility, saying it; “does not look good.”

Pharmacist Tin Lopez gave evidence of his contacts with Murray, and details of the products he supplied to him at an address in Santa Monica, which he thought was Murray’s office, not his girlfriends home.

The Prosecution closed his evidence by asking him to confirm that two hundred and fifty-five vials of Propofol, twenty of Lorazepam, and sixty of Medazolam were delivered to Ms Alvarez’s home which were addressed to Doctor Murray.

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