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In court today, Michael Amir Williams who was Michael’s personal assistant, spoke of his duties and responsibilities and his work for Michael. A personable young man, he was eloquent and forthright in his evidence.

In his evidence he said that Conrad Murray had called him and said that Michael had had a /bad reaction, and he should return to the house and get someone up to Michael’s room urgently. In response, he called the security cabin and told Jaheem Mohammad to enter the house as he was needed upstairs immediately, and he drove as quickly as possible, delayed by traffic, to Michael’s home.

Later in court, Jaheem Mohammad, who was head of Michael’s security, testified.  He told the court that after having received a call from Michael Amir, he entered the house and went upstairs to Michael. The facts about his testimony can be read by clicking here.

Click here to see another report on the days proceedings.

Source: CNN, ontheredcarpet.com & MJWN

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