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Today’s Court Report

Alberto Alvarez was head of logistics on Michael’s staff and was the first guard to enter Michael’s room on June 25th and observe a frantic Conrad Murray. Paris and Prince had followed him into the room and Murray told him not to let them see Michael in the condition he was, so he ushered them out of the room. Then Murray told Alberto to put some vials from beside Michael’s bed into a plastic bag and then into a brown bag. He was then told to remove an IV bag from the drip stand beside the bed and put it into a blue bag. He saw that the IV bag contained a smaller bottle of a white liquid.

The next witness was Kai Chase, who was Michael’s personal chef. She gave details of her duties, and remarked that on the day in question, Murray ran frantically down the stairs leading into the kitchen, and screamed at her to; “get help, get security, get Prince.”

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Source: skynews, reuters, insession,blogs.cnn.com & MJWN

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