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Kenny Ortega

  • Marathon Trell Testimony Ends

    Trell’s marathon four days of questions and testimony ended only when Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos finally cut him off and excused him from the stand.

  • Travis Payne Testifies

    Famous choreographer & associate director on the ‘This Is It’ concerts Travis Payne gave evidence today and supported the evidence already given by Stacy Walker

  • Associate Producer Alif Sankey Testifies

    Michael told Kenny Ortega days before he died that he was hearing God’s voice Producer Alif Sankey testified Wednesday.
    “God keeps talking to me,” Michael said.

  • Katherine’s Case

    Katherine’s Case against AEG Live began today in the same small courtroom where the OJ Simpson case took place; this case is likely to last through the Summer!!

  • More On Katherine’s Lawsuit

    More information on Judge Palazuelos’s decision to allow Katherine’s lawsuit to go to trial has been published by some newspapers in the form of company emails.

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