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  • ‘To Satisfy You’

    Here are the lyrics to Bryan Loren’s song ‘To Satisfy You.’ Michael Jackson’s vocals appear in the chorus. Michael and Bryan also worked together on ‘Dangerous.’

  • MJ Summer Fun Show In Hong Kong

    A group of HKAPA, which is the Hong Kong Academy of Performance Arts and excel graduates and students are bringing MJ fun to the Hong Kong International Airport.

  • Dance Tribute Honours Michael Jackson

    Mursal Ahmadi is a MJ fan, from the Netherlands. Michael is the reason he never gave up on his dreams & here is his dance tribute to Michael on his anniversary.

  • ‘Do The Bartman’ Lyrics

    Here’s the 3rd in our series ‘MJ Lyrics’ of songs he wrote, produced or performed. ‘Do The Bartman’ was a number one hit in the UK, but not released in the USA.

  • Ellen’s A ‘Slave To The Rhythm’!

    Tonight, Ellen DeGeneres will dance to ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ from MJ’s album ‘Xscape.’ Here you can find out times for her show in the countries, where it airs.

  • Passionate ‘Dangerous’

    Last night on ITV, the UK TV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ had a Latin dance troupe called Kings and Queens, who performed to a mish-mash of Michael ‘Dangerous’.

  • Mack Wilds’ ‘Remember The Time’

    Mack Wilds has recorded his own version of Michael Jackson’s hit ‘Remember The Time’ from 1991’s ‘Dangerous’ album. This single was successful around the world.

  • Parisienne MJ Academy

    Mick Ayari is the creator and dance teacher of a Dance Academy in Paris, France named the ‘MJ Academy,’ where students learn how to dance like Michael Jackson!!

  • The Incredible Way Michael Wrote Music

    See Michael’s amazing process of writing songs by building tracks with his voice every note, every chord, harmony, melody, bass & even the rhythm by beat-boxing.

  • Magic Johnson ‘Remembers The Time!’

    This snippet from the time Magic Johnson was interviewed on ‘Access Hollywood,’ reveals that Michael rang him twice to be in his short film ‘Remember The Time!’

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