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  • Cisky’s ‘Lover’s Legacy’ Tribute To Michael

    Cisky Francesco Cepparulo, a professional choreographer, has directed a music video featuring a new original choreography performed in Michael Jackson style.

  • 1993 Photoshoot On Film

    Footage is online, which shows Michael having a 1993 photoshoot with the Cascio brothers, Frank, Eddie and Brett, who Michael was very close to for many years.

  • Billie Jean Outtakes

    Outtakes from Michael’s classic short film ‘Billie Jean’ has surfaced online, showing filming from behind the scenes. The video was directed by Steve Barron.

  • The Making Of The ‘Billie Jean’ Video

    The director for the 1983 ‘Billie Jean’ video, Steve Barron, has released a book about his work during the 1980s and his work on Michael’s classic short film.

  • American Music Awards 1980

    Michael won many American Music Awards in 1980, all generated from his album ‘Off The Wall’ from 1979. Here he is collecting the ‘Favourite Soul Single’ award.

  • Earth Song – This Is It Rehearsals

    Here Michael performs ‘Earth Song’ during a rehearsal for the ‘This It It’ concerts. Recorded on 24th June 2009, it turns out to be his last ever performance.

  • New ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ Solo Video

    The lead single from ‘Xscape’, ‘Love Never Felt So Good’, which has stormed the charts around the world since its release, now has a second solo music video.

  • Collaborators Video Part 6

    Another video has been released with the producers from ‘Xscape’ talking about the creation of the new project. Interview include Stargate discussing their work.

  • Cory Rooney Talks About ‘Chicago’

    In part 5 of the collaborators videos, the composer of ‘Chicago’ (originally entitled ‘She Was Lovin’ Me’), Cory Rooney, talks about working with Michael Jackson.

  • New Video Promotion For ‘Xscape’

    A new 15 second video promotion has popped up online o further promote the forthcoming new album ‘Xscape’, and it shows an never before seen image of Michael.

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