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Philippine Prisoners Become Stars

The inmates at a prison on the island of Cebo, in the Philippines, became You Tube stars when film of their ‘Thriller’ exercise routine was released on the video website. A thousand people took part and the footage was viewed by almost fifteen million!

On Cebu, which is now a holiday destination, the prison Governor has decided to encourage the performance and has built a platform over the exercise yard so that spectators can watch the men dance. They have included other songs in their repertoire, such as Queen’s ‘Radio Ga-Ga’ and Bonnie Tyler’s ‘I Need A Hero’.

Audiences are extremely impressed with the two hour show and treat it like a rock concert, where they can buy t-shirts and have photos taken with the prisoners.

The staff at the prison are happy that morale has increased among the men who in return, are proud of their achievements.

Source: Reuters & MJWN

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