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Man In The Mirror

  • ‘Man In The Mirror’ Best Song

    As part of the holiday season tradition nearly 800 fans voted for their favourite MJ songs, albums, music videos and concert tours. ‘MITM’ was voted best song!!

  • MJ’s Songs Inspire Social Change

    Take 40 have written an article about ‘10 songs that inspired social change,’ which inspire you to be better and do better! Michael’s music appears three times.

  • Michael Sells Millions In UK

    Five years after Michael’s passing, UK fans continue to buy his music. The Official Charts Company notes that he’s sold nearly four million singles since 2009!!

  • Man In The Mirror – Bad World Tour

    Michael’s performance of Man In the Mirror throughout the Bad World Tour and as seen on his movie ‘Moonwalker’. Presented to you in glorious high definition.

  • Elladj Balde Skates To MJ’s Music

    In a superb display of ice dancing, and with Michael’s music to guide him, Elladj Balde, skates in the style of Michael Jackson. We hope you enjoy this footage.

  • Jonathan’s New Year Message

    Paula Katsikas has sent us a special message from Michael’s drummer Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett which he would like us to share with you all for this New Year.

  • Michael’s Masterpiece

    “Man In The Mirror” is undoubtedly one of the King of Pop’s greatest masterpieces, but you’ve never heard it this way before. Here are two versions to compare.

  • Actor Tom Hiddleston’s ‘Man In The Mirror’

    Was a Korean television studio the best place for Thor actor, Tom Hiddleston to unveil himself, singing and dancing, as the all-round entertainer he clearly is?

  • A Life For L.O.V.E.

    A new book ‘A Life For L.O.V.E,’ has been published by the compilers of ‘It’s All about L.O.V.E.’ It contains stories about Michael you maybe have heard before.

  • ‘MJ 101 The Short Films’

    Exploring Michael’s 20 Greatest Groundbreaking Short Films; in his career Michael not only changed the musical landscape, he also reframed the visual landscape!

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