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Jonathan’s New Year Message

Paula Katsikas has sent us a special message from Michael’s drummer, Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett, which he would like us to share with you all for this New Year. Here is Jonathan’s message;

There are certain realizations people should know, recognize and come to realize, about a man who tried to save the world, from itself and its ways! A visionary of love and peace for all. Someone who really cared enough to put himself, his reputation, his image and vulnerabilities in the public eye, full view for the sake of his, this great cause of Human Unity. Subject to ridicule, scrutiny, ’love haters’ (for there are some out there around the world), and media analysis from all parts of the globe, it’s sad that, it’s only after his graduation to Heaven that most of those in the world, came to awaken and realize, the magnitude of what he was really about and what he was trying to do, with the power of his celebrity, popularity, and global fame. For those are power, his, for good not evil, for harmony not division, for brotherhood not separatism, for charity not payment for it, for reasons of his heart, for love. This was the Michael called ‘Jackson’, ‘Michael Jackson’ by example.

The Man In The Mirror!

Much Love to all!


Source: Jonathan Moffett & MJWN, with special thanks to Paula Katsikas

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You Are Not Alone
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