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  • The AMA’s: 10 Of The Most Iconic Performances Ever

    The American Music Awards has been going for over 40 years, & it’s fair to say some of the world’s most iconic stars have graced the stage like Michael Jackson.

  • One More Chance To Bid For MJ Items

    Tim Fredman was an avid autograph hunter at a time when this was one of the most popular hobbies. His collection which includes MJ Items will be sold in Sydney.

  • World’s Actual Highest-Paid Musician

    SF Weekly has reported that, according to Forbes, the World’s Actual Highest-Paid Musician Is …. deceased Michael Jackson, with gross earnings of $160million.

  • Lady Gaga Preserving MJ’s Tour Wardrobe

    Lady Gaga is appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday, here are a few sneak peek clips that the show released. She talks on buying, MJ’s tour wardrobe.

  • New Unauthourised MJ Book

    A new book detailing the untruths told by the media, regarding the discovery of Michael’s Pepsi Injury medical notes has been made available for Kindle users.

  • Michael’s Medical Records Relating To Pepsi Incident

    Tim Miller has contacted us here at MJWN, who is the representative of the “finder” of Michael’s medical records, pertaining to the Pepsi incident back in 1984.

  • Lady Gaga Fights Michael’s Estate

    Popular singer Lady Gaga is waging a fierce battle against Michael Jackson’s Estate to purchase the medical records & photographs of his horrific burn injuries.

  • ‘Thriller’ Still Tops Australian Chart

    An article called ‘Redcliffe’s Tea and Sympathy’ compares Michael’s ‘Thriller’ with Korean Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ and of course ‘Thriller’ is the outright winner.

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