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  • Michael’s Top Ten Iconic Fashion Trademarks

    STYLIGHT an international fashion platform pays tribute to Michael’s iconic fashion style on his 56th Birthday anniversary with a list of his top 10 trademarks.

  • Dance Tribute Honours Michael Jackson

    Mursal Ahmadi is a MJ fan, from the Netherlands. Michael is the reason he never gave up on his dreams & here is his dance tribute to Michael on his anniversary.

  • Michael’s Mural Deep In Aloha Stadium

    Rich Hammond discovered a mural of Michael Jackson in the Aloha Stadium, possibly because he was the first artist to sell out the stadium, during his 1997 tour.

  • HIStory Tour Only Broke Even

    The testimony of Eric Briggs of FTI Consulting continued today, during this 14th week of the Jackson family’s lawsuit against concert promoters AEG Live.

  • HIStory Concert Footage Wanted

    Stephanie from the UK is looking for help in obtaining some pictures or video footage from Michael’s ‘HIStory’ concert on July 17th, 1997. Can you help her?

  • Jonathan Moffett’s Tribute To Michael

    Jonathan says “For more than just in the Music and Dances, or the Artistry of seeming magic that he exhibited miraculously, he was, and is, the King of Hearts!”

  • Gongaware Denies Pushing Michael To Rehearse

    Gongaware denied that he pushed Michael to rehearse for his ’This Is It’ concerts refuting earlier testimony by the singer’s longtime makeup artist and stylist.

  • Gongaware’s Fourth Day Of Testimony

    AEG’s lawyers on Friday asked Paul Gongaware a producer of the ‘This Is It’ tour more friendly questions than those he had from Mr Panish, acting for Katherine.

  • Karen Faye Continues Her Testimony

    After yesterday’s emotional testimony from Karen, she continued today, to express her grave concerns about Michael’s health, during his ‘This Is It’ rehearsals.

  • Earth Song’s Message Continues

    On April 22nd the world celebrated ‘Earth Day.’ Michael’s short film was partly shot in Tarangire National Park which is the natural home of the giant elephant.

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