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Blocked Belts Sale

The sale of 7000 crystal encrusted belts signed by the designer Simon Tavassoli, blocked by the Estate in 2010, has now been okayed after an out-of-court settlement. They are for sale on his website at $1,600 each, and are handmade at his studio in Newport Beach, California.

The sale had been blocked by the Estate in May 2010, as a contract between Katherine Jackson and the marketers had not been approved by the Estate. The trustees of Jackson’s estate issued a cease and desist letter when the crystal-encrusted belts initially went on sale in May 2010, saying they had not approved a contract between Katherine Jackson and the marketers.

Michael’s mother is no longer involved as a partner with B.B. Simon, the California company that makes the belts, under the deal reached with the Estate, clearing way for the sales, according to the company. The end of this belt dispute marks a better relationship between Michael’s Estate and Michael’s family.

A spokesman for the estate declined to comment on the belt agreement.

As most fans know, Michael loved belts of varying designs, especially as part of stage costumes or official off-stage events.

Source: edition.cnn.com & MJWN

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