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  • Murray Appeal Denied

    The California Supreme Court refused Wednesday, to review the involuntary manslaughter conviction of Michael Jackson’s doctor & rejecting his lawyer’s petition.

  • Murray Attempts To Appeal Conviction

    A California court in LA, has scheduled arguments next month for Michael’s former cardiologist, Conrad Murray to appeal his involuntary manslaughter conviction.

  • Conrad Murray Fails To Get His Medical License Back

    Dr. Conrad Murray has gotten a slap-down from the Medical Board of California for daring to hope that he would ever be able to practice in the state ever again.

  • AEG Lawyer’s Closing Statements

    On Wed September 25th Marvin Putnam made his closing arguments calling Michael’s death a tragedy, but he had played Russian Roulette by using Propofol to sleep.

  • Doctor William V. Van Valin Testifies

    Dr William Van Valin’s Video deposition was played for the jury today; he treated Michael in the early 2000’s, when he lived at Neverland, needing a house call.

  • AEG Live Trial September 4th

    AEG addiction expert says, Michael ‘s drug addiction gave him “a grave prognosis” for a long life and each dose of propofol was like playing “Russian roulette!”

  • Propofol Used For Death Penalty

    With execution dates set for 2 men on death row in Missouri, the state is on track to be the first to use the drug Propofol for administering the death penalty.

  • Profound And Sad

    The Harvard professor and sleep researcher, Dr Charles Czeisler, is testifying as a sleep expert, in Katherine’s lawsuit against concert promoter, AEG Live LLC.

  • Dr Czeisler’s Second Day Of Testimony

    Sleep expert Doctor Czeisler of Harvard was called to testify for a second day and spoke of the effects of Propofol on Michael’s brain, nervous system and body.

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