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Dr Czeisler’s Second Day Of Testimony

On his second day on the stand, Dr Czeisler, said that in the months before Michael died four years ago, Conrad Murray had bought 4 and half gallons of propofol, which is “a stupendous amount.” The researcher said that Michael was getting propofol every night for 60 days. The sleep expert from Harvard said he spent more than 100 hours reviewing documents, including e-mails from people who worked with Michael, to confirm his diagnosis.

He also said that the symptoms that Michael was exhibiting are consistent with the symptoms of someone suffering from total sleep deprivation for a long time.

In the e-mails, people described Michael’s condition as deteriorating including losing weight, paranoia, unable to remember what he just said, wearing layers of clothing and appearing cold, while others around him were warm, all called classic symptoms of sleep deprivation.

Dr. Czeisler said he was also astounded that Michael couldn’t sing his own songs without the help of a Teleprompter.

Named as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World records, King of Pop Michael Jackson unknowingly made another record that led to his death:-

Charles Czeisler, M.D., Ph.D., from the Division Of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, testified at the trial against concert promoter AEG Live that propofol interrupts normal sleep cycles. He said that Michael went a full 60 days without ‘real’ sleep. The drug deprives the body of rapid eye movement, or REM sleep, all the while making a person feel as though he or she has had a true night’s sleep.

Experts say that the body cycles through four stages of sleep: three non-REM stages and one REM stage throughout the night. Each complete cycle takes about 90 minutes, typically ending in REM sleep. The first REM cycle is fairly short, about 10 minutes, and the cycles get longer throughout the night, up to an hour or so. During REM sleep, your eyes are moving rapidly around as if you’re scanning your environment.

The mystery behind Michael’s death; his existence will always be remembered by his billions of fans. It was reported even earlier that his death was not a natural death. Drug overdose was cited to be the reason for his death.

On cross examination, Dr. Czeisler acknowledged that the evidence showed two doctors tried to convince Michael to seek a medical specialist for his sleep disorder and he refused.

Source: Associated Press, CBS & MJWN

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