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  • More Tracks From MJ’s ‘Xscape’ Hit The Net

    ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ from Michael Jackson’s ‘Xscape’ album is now available at michaeljackson.com, plus MTV’s treat is ‘Blue Gangsta’ as it hits the internet!!

  • Barry’s ‘Captain EO’ Facts

    Fan Barry Claydon visited a website called Screen Rant.com where he discovered an interesting article which had ten facts about Michael’s super film Captain EO.

  • Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

    November 1982 ‘Thriller’ was released. It spent 190 weeks on the UK album chart & is the biggest selling pop album of all time with over 50 million copies sold.

  • ‘Thriller’ Video Was Almost Never Made

    The Daily Mail have published an article about the making of ‘Thriller’ & the video & Michael’s distress when he first heard the original pressing of the record

  • Twelve Thrilling Facts – Trick Or Treat?

    Director John Landis extended ‘Thriller’ into a musical horror video in which Michael indulged his monster-movie fantasies. Here’s 20 thrilling facts for you!!!

  • Vote For Michael!

    MTV’s annual vote for the “VMA’s best performance ever” is in full flow with Michael currently at Number One. So that we make sure he stays at the top vote now!

  • MTV 1999 Interview

    A wonderful interview from 1999 with Michael comfortably talking about the ‘Thriller’ years. Michael seems very at ease throughout the interview, laughing lots.

  • Fall Out Boy’s Homage To Michael

    Fall Out Boy’s video for their version of ‘Beat It’ premiered on April 28th on MTV. It includes references to Michael’s genius!

  • Fall Out Boy’s Cover Of ‘Beat It’

    ‘Beat It’, covered by Fall Out Boy, has major success on radio and is in 10th place on iTunes. It will now be released as a video

  • Michael To Guest On Akon’s Album?

    In a recent interview Akon has hinted that Michael may guest on the first single to be released from his newest album ‘Acquittal’.

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