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Marvin Putnam

  • AEG Not Liable For Michael’s Death

    The Los Angeles jury decided Wednesday, that AEG Live hired Dr. Conrad Murray, but also concluded that the concert promoter was not liable for Michael’s death!!

  • Jurors Begin Their Deliberations

    Jurors began deliberations Thursday in the AEG trial potentially bringing the case to a close after five months of testimony and three days of closing arguments.

  • AEG Lawyer’s Closing Statements

    On Wed September 25th Marvin Putnam made his closing arguments calling Michael’s death a tragedy, but he had played Russian Roulette by using Propofol to sleep.

  • Closing Statements Begin In Court

    Closing statements began in Court on Tuesday, 24th September. When both sides have presented their statements the jurors will retire to consider their verdict.

  • AEG Live Backs Down On Calling Michael’s Mum

    AEG lawyers, changed their mind about calling Katherine Jackson as their last witness, instead, lawyers may play a portion of Prince Jackson’s video deposition.

  • AEG Live Defense Begins

    Michael “had a real monkey on his back,” a long-time drug addiction his family kept secret from the world and it led to his overdose death, a lawyer for AEG said.

  • Karen Faye’s Cross Examination

    Taj Jackson testified for a short time Friday but after breaking down he was excused to be recalled at a later date. Karen Faye was recalled to be cross-examined

  • Prince’s Cross Examination

    Today’s proceedings began with Prince’s cross-examination. It was difficult for the young man, who answered clearly, and remained calm and poised, on the stand.

  • Lawyer’s Email Disparages Michael!

    Emails shown to the jury today, showed that a lawyer for AEG Live called Michael a freak, on the very day he signed the contract, for the ‘This Is It’ concerts.

  • More Info On Day One Of Katherine’s Lawsuit

    Brian Panish, told the jury that promoter AEG was so desperate to become No. 1 in the concert industry that they ruthlessly pushed MJ, regardless of his health.

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