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Frank Dileo

  • Michael’s ‘Moonwalker’ At 25

    Twenty-five years ago Michael Jackson’s feature film ‘Moonwalker,’ released in October 1988 which furthered his life-long dream of becoming a great movie star!

  • Dileo’s Laptop & Phone Handed Over

    Dileo’s widow and daughter have handed over Frank’s laptop and cell-phone to the court hearing in the AEG Trial after a contempt of Court decision against them!

  • Lost DiLeo Emails Found

    A cache of e-mails believed lost when Michael Jackson’s last manager’s laptop disappeared could become key evidence in the wrongful death trial against AEG Live

  • Jacksons Attempted To Settle Lawsuit

    It was revealed in court today, that the Jackson family tried to obtain a settlement from AEG Live last January and March and had not yet even received a reply.

  • Frank DiLeo’s Emails

    Emails written by Michael’s manager will be turned over to attorneys involved in an ongoing wrongful death case filed by Michael’s mother and his three children

  • Karen Faye Continues Her Testimony

    After yesterday’s emotional testimony from Karen, she continued today, to express her grave concerns about Michael’s health, during his ‘This Is It’ rehearsals.

  • Frank’s Phonecall

    Five days before Michael died his manager Frank DiLeo called Murray & told him Michael was sick & implored him to have blood tests done according to a voicemail

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