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Black Or White

  • Mind Blowing Michael Jackson Cover

    The worlds fastest pianist, Peter Bence, is back covering Michael Jackson songs. This time Peter is performing a piano version of Michael’s ‘Black Or White.’

  • Meet The Mystery Man Who Rapped ‘Black or White’

    Have you ever wondered, who rapped on Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’? Who is this mysterious L.T.B., who was credited on the ‘Dangerous’ album liner notes?!

  • Original ‘Billie Jean’ Lyrics On Offer

    Two decades after Michael’s HIStory World Tour, MJ fans now have the chance to own a limited edition, authentic lithograph of the original ‘Billie Jean’ lyrics.

  • MJ Summer Fun Show In Hong Kong

    A group of HKAPA, which is the Hong Kong Academy of Performance Arts and excel graduates and students are bringing MJ fun to the Hong Kong International Airport.

  • ‘Scream’ Still Most Costly Short Film

    Michael Jackson’s short film for ‘Scream’ which featured his sister Janet remains the most pricey music video of all time, costing a whopping 7 million dollars!

  • Vincent Paterson Documentary

    A new documentary is in the works on Vincent Paterson, who choreographed many of Michael Jackson’s short films & performances – a dynamic, dancing partnership!!

  • Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

    Business Insider has listed the most expensive music videos ever made, and Michael’s work is highly featured, with Scream, with Janet, being the most expensive.

  • 90s Photo of MJ, MJ And MC!!!

    The guys at Reddit found this wonderful photo of Michael, Macaulay and Michael Jordan, which may have been shot behind-the-scenes of the ‘Black Or White’ video.

  • Learn From The Best

    The Lessons of Success we can take from Michael Jackson are many, and all because of his hard work, effort and persistence, in the face of his many challenges!!

  • Rare Behind The Scenes Of ‘Black Or White’

    This charming piece of behind-the-scenes footage, shot during the filming of the ‘Black Or White’ short film, shows a smiling Michael, with a young Sage Galesi!

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