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  • “Hollywood” Crocker’s MJ Interview

    Frankie “Hollywood” Crocker was a famous NY radio DJ & in 1979 he interviewed 21-year-old Michael Jackson for WBLS, & what happened on the way to the interview?

  • Making Of The Bad Short Film

    An excellent making of the ‘Bad’ short film, directed by Martin Scorsese and taken from the Spike Lee ‘Bad 25’ documentary. Plenty of rare and unseen footage.

  • Quincy Jones Sues Michael’s Estate

    Music producer Quincy Jones, is suing Michael’s Estate for $10 million for various outstanding payments, from contractual agreements, that go back to the 1970s.

  • Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

    Business Insider has listed the most expensive music videos ever made, and Michael’s work is highly featured, with Scream, with Janet, being the most expensive.

  • Top 5 1980s Music Acts

    411 mania.com has listed their top five music acts of the 1980s, and of course, Michael Jackson is their Number One, with Madonna following him at Number Two!!!

  • Pittsburgh Pop Royalty Visit

    Pittsburgh Magazine has published a piece about when Michael Jackson performed at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena in ’88, during the 2nd leg of his ‘BAD’ world tour.

  • 25 Most Stylish Celebrities Of The 80s

    Complex.com has nominated Michael Jackson as Number One in the list of the top 25 most stylish celebrities of the 80s, & naming ‘King Of Pop’ as his occupation!

  • Lewis’s ‘Smooth Criminal’

    Custom helmets for race drivers are all the rage in Formula One but Lewis Hamilton’s latest designed for the Grand Prix in Austin, is one of the more striking!!

  • ‘BAD25’ On iTunes

    ‘BAD25’ is Spike Lee’s documentary on the making of the ‘BAD’ album, including footage from the ‘BAD’ world tour & recollections from many of Michael’s friends.

  • Number One November Billboard Songs Of The 80s

    Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry dominate the Billboard charts near the end of 2013, but in the 80’s greats like Michael and Barbra Streisand were sitting at the top!

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