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  • Saturday, 28th July 2007

    More On Michael In Washington

    In the Law Offices of Venable LLP Michael has given his deposition in a $30million lawsuit brought against him by Dieter Weisner.

  • Wednesday, 25th July 2007

    A Prison Thriller

    One thousand, five hundred inmates in a Philippines prison have recreated the Thriller choreography, footage is shown on YouTube.

  • Wednesday, 25th July 2007

    Michael Jackson’s Birdie Song

    Will.I.Am has given an interview about Michael singing like a bird, his amazing unique voice and also how their relationship began

  • Thursday, 19th July 2007

    The Jackson Family Tour

    Michael took his beautifully behaved children to see the sights of Washington DC, and they also visited The Smithsonian Institute.

  • Wednesday, 18th July 2007

    The Secret Tapers Must Pay

    The men who secretly taped Michael and Geragos before the trial are subject to a civil lawsuit, the award to be decided by a judge

  • Tuesday, 17th July 2007

    Wildfires Threaten Neverland

    Wildfires raging in California have come within two miles of Los Olivos, where Michael’s beautiful Neverland Ranch is situated.

  • Tuesday, 17th July 2007

    Yet Another Lawsuit

    Another giant financial company has sued Michael for millions of dollars, following his restructuring of his many loans in 2004.

  • Monday, 16th July 2007

    Ayscough & Marar

    Following a judge’s ruling that Michael has to pay a California law firm, the amount to be paid was decided in court last Friday.

  • Thursday, 5th July 2007

    Syience To Work With Michael?

    Rising star Sycience has said “I’m actually working on music for him [Michael] now. I always wanted to be a part of anything he ever did”

  • Wednesday, 4th July 2007

    Thriller Live Autumn Tour

    ‘Thriller Live’ – Fans get another chance to catch the show in the UK but also the show is due to hit Denmark in late September.

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