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  • Thursday, 14th June 2007

    King Of The Pop Music Industry

    In an article about the most famous black people to change the face of popular music, Michael, of course, comes top of the list!

  • Wednesday, 13th June 2007

    Michael’s Fans Are The Best!

    Popscores, the Music Industry’s watchdog, reports that Michael’s fans are the most likely to buy any new material he releases.

  • Tuesday, 12th June 2007

    Another Rumour Squashed!

    The Daily Mirror was contacted by the son of the Sultan of Brunei, and told them that Michael was not paid to attend his party.

  • Friday, 8th June 2007

    Meet Tom Mesereau

    Michael’s former attorney, Tom Mesereau and author Aphrodite Jones will be holding a book signing of ‘Michael Jackson Conspiracy’.

  • Thursday, 7th June 2007

    Come Together For Michael

    Join other fans on the 11th November to celebrate Michael Jackson’s music, brought to you by a host of performers old and new.

  • Thursday, 7th June 2007

    Chris Brown Hopes To Duet With Michael

    Chris Brown imitated Michael at the Hot ‘97 Summer Jam, in New Jersey last weekend, now he wants Michael to sing on his new album.

  • Thursday, 7th June 2007

    Michael To Sing With Eminem?

    AHN News have reported that Michael wants to sing with Eminem and has reportedly called him a “lyrical genius!”

  • Tuesday, 5th June 2007

    Messages To Michael

    Today we have re-launched ‘Messages to Michael’. Send us your messages and we will do our best to pass them on to him directly.

  • Monday, 4th June 2007

    Financial Flop?

    There have been mixed reports concerning the profit Universal Express made from the auction. Ranging from $600k to $2 million.

  • Sunday, 3rd June 2007

    Michael Jackson Conspiracy – Update

    Author Aphrodite Jones is sponsoring a friendly internet competition among Michael Jackson’s fans while releasing her new book.

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