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Vincent Price

  • ‘Thriller’ Re-enters Billboard Hot 100

    Michael’s spooky ‘Thriller’ re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No. 42 this week, after Halloween, as it’s now heavily tied in with this popular holiday!!

  • Rio’s ‘MJ Live!’

    Mike Weatherford of the Las Vegas Review Journal has written a mostly good review of the ‘MJ Live!’ show at the Rio Las Vegas with impersonator Jalles Franca.

  • Thrilling Animation

    We think that maybe you will enjoy this animated cartoon of Michael’s ‘Thriller’ dance routine titled ‘Halloween – Tribute to Michael Jackson and Vincent Price.’

  • Twelve Thrilling Facts – Trick Or Treat?

    Director John Landis extended ‘Thriller’ into a musical horror video in which Michael indulged his monster-movie fantasies. Here’s 20 thrilling facts for you!!!

  • Britney’s Witch!

    Britney Spears got together with BBC’s Nick Grimshaw for a spooktacular video, where she rides a broomstick, wields an axe & recites Vincent Price’s famous rap!

  • McFadden Backing For ‘Thrill The World’

    Former Westlife singer Brian McFadden has lent his support to Derry’s ‘Thrill the World’ record attempt, as fans around the world recreate Michael’s ‘Thriller.’

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