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One Rose For Michael

  • One Rose For MJJ Tribute

    Each year for the past five years Michael’s fans have placed beautiful red roses at Holly Terrace on June 25th the sad anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing.

  • One Rose For Michael J. Jackson 2015

    The ‘One Rose For Michael J. Jackson’ event 2015 is now officially open. Once again fans worldwide can honour Michael with love with a sea of red Freedom Roses!

  • Spreading LOVE For MJ In LA

    One Rose for MJJ 2014 – We have received the following message about Michael’s fans’ remembering Michael’s fifth anniversary, at Holly Terrace, in Los Angeles.

  • Roses For Michael 2014

    Thank you to fans around the world for sending out a Major LOVE for Michael with 15,607 roses! Around the world fans have surpassed last year’s total of 13,447.

  • ‘One Rose For Michael 2014’ Update

    Each June 25th fans from all over the globe decorate Holly Terrace with red roses to show their love for MJ. Here’s a ‘One Rose For Michael 2014’ update for you.

  • One Rose For Michael Update

    Each June ‘One Rose For Michael’ deliver red freedom roses to Michael at Holly Terrace remembering his sad passing on June 25th 2009; here’s an update for you.

  • One Rose For Michael 2014

    Loving Michael Jackson fans, from around the world, will again blanket Michael’s resting place with beautiful red roses, for the 5th anniversary of his passing.

  • ‘One Rose For Michael’ Event Blog

    MJBliss has written a comprehensive blog about this year’s donations to the ‘One Rose For Michael’ event which fans who are unable to attend greatly appreciate!

  • One Rose Delivery 2013

    Thank you to all who supported this incredibly beautiful event! Each of the 13,447 roses and rose petal, represents the love of MJ fans from around the globe.

  • Forest Lawn Today

    Forest Lawn’s Holly Terrace became a stunning reminder of Michael’s fans’ love and respect for him, as thousands of long-stemmed red roses were delivered there.

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