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  • Last Photo Shoots Documentary In Doubt

    Footage of Michael from 2007 has set off a lawsuit between the production company behind the documentary ‘Michael: The Last Photo Shoots’ and Michael’s Estate.

  • Fan Sues Estate Over ‘Michael’ Album

    A fan has brought a class action lawsuit against Michael’s Estate because she believe that 3 tracks from the ‘Michael’ album, were not sung by Michael himself.

  • Compensation Awarded To Fans

    5 fans from France have been awarded one euro each by a French court, for the “emotional damage” they proved that they had suffered after the pop star’s death.

  • More On Katherine’s Lawsuit

    More information on Judge Palazuelos’s decision to allow Katherine’s lawsuit to go to trial has been published by some newspapers in the form of company emails.

  • Another Lawsuit Ends

    Yet another lawsuit has ended, as Michael drops his case against his former accountants who acted inappropriately on his behalf.

  • Case Against Michael Dropped

    Judge Melville has agreed that Michael should not be named as a defendant in the Ruiz family case against their mother’s death.

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