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Dr. Patrick Treacy

  • ‘Behind The Mask’ By Dr Patrick Treacy

    According to Dr Patrick Treacy, Michael’s Irish doctor who has written a new book ‘Behind The Mask,’ Michael’s dream was to make a home of Ireland for his kids.

  • Michael The Humanitarian

    Dr. Patrick Treacy has proven time & again through his words, behaviour & actions that he remains a true Vanguard of Michael after first meeting him in Ireland.

  • A Life For L.O.V.E.

    A new book ‘A Life For L.O.V.E,’ has been published by the compilers of ‘It’s All about L.O.V.E.’ It contains stories about Michael you maybe have heard before.

  • Dots In Michael’s Heart

    David Ilan who began the tribute Portrait of Michael has extended an offer to two children to take part in the portrait by adding their dots in Michael’s heart.

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