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  • Captain EO To Close In Disneyland

    Michael’s Disney movie, Captain EO, is due to temporarily close at Disneyland in California to make way for a limited preview of Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D.

  • MJ: The Original Music Entrepreneur

    Before Dre rapped on becoming the first “hip-hop billionaire,” Michael moonwalked a trail for music entrepreneurs by buying the rights to the Beatles catalogue.

  • Barry’s ‘Captain EO’ Facts

    Fan Barry Claydon visited a website called Screen Rant.com where he discovered an interesting article which had ten facts about Michael’s super film Captain EO.

  • Angelica’s Memories Of Michael

    In Angelica Huston’s autobiography she writes of dreaming about Michael and starring with him in Disney’s ‘Captain EO’ as an evil witch from a faraway planet.

  • Michael And Mickey Cartoon

    Jimhillmedia.com has reported that twelve storyboards of Michael dancing with Mickey Mouse have been found by Profiles In History, who run animation art auctions.

  • Five Special Tracks

    2 rarities sets issued to coincide with Cirque’s new Vegas MJ tribute contains about 270 tracks including rarities & demos. RollingStone praise five of the best

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