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  • No New Trial For XtraJet Tapers

    LA Judge dismisses Jeffrey Borer’s request for a re-trial after being fined millions for videoing Michael on one of his planes.

  • Another Lawsuit Ends

    Yet another lawsuit has ended, as Michael drops his case against his former accountants who acted inappropriately on his behalf.

  • Case Against Michael Dropped

    Judge Melville has agreed that Michael should not be named as a defendant in the Ruiz family case against their mother’s death.

  • Extrajet Boss To Pay Over $12 Million

    The judge in the Extrajet taping case has ordered the company to hand over $12 million in damages to Mark Geragos and associates.

  • Neverland May Be Auctioned

    A legal notice has been issued to Michael that unless he pays a $24 million, Neverland will be auctioned on March 19th 2008.

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