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Extrajet Boss To Pay Over $12 Million

Jeff Borer, the owner of Extrajet, the air charter company employed by Michael to take him to Santa Barbara to submit to the Santa Barbara authorities in 2004, has been ordered by a judge to pay Mark Geragos and his associate over $12 million in damages.

Borer pleaded guilty to planting a camera on the plane in order to tape Michael and his attorneys discussing their plans. The crime was discovered when Fox TV were offered the tape for an undisclosed sum of money.

Geragos was appalled by this action and sued Borer for his part in the plan. He was found guilty, and sentenced to house arrest. He told the court that his home was filled with mould and his wife was allergic to it, so the court agreed that he could serve his sentence in a luxury hotel at Marina Del Rey California at his own expense. His company is now closed down.

The judgement on damages will be appealed by Borer

Source: Associated Press & MJWN

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